And likewise for Bob Shelby, our friend, poet and 2nd Benicia Poet Laureate, 2008-2010. 

Juanita J. Martin
Joseph Martino
Michael Merris
Jady Montgomery
Bruce Moody
Myra Nissen

Don Peery
Jeanne Powell
Anne Prescott
Zara Raab 
Lois Requist
Bobby Richardson

This is a partial list derived from the old site, with more photos yet to come. If you don't see your name, please send me an e-mail. See details on the Contact page.

Our Memorial for friend

and poet member John Goory:

Memorial notes for Joel Fallon are on the main Announcement page.

Tamara Jane Amato

John D. Berry
Peter Bray 
Suzanne Bruce
Jeremy Cantor
Chuck Connor
Carole Dwinell 
Johanna Ely

Joel Fallon
Deborah Fruchey 
Mary Susan Gast

John Hamling
Ermon Harris
Frances Jackson
Jeff Kingman
Ronna Leon

Maria Rosales 
Donna Rudolph
Sherry Sheehan 
Bob Shelby 
Gary Silva
Deborah Silverman
Joanette Sorkin
Thomas Stanton 
Elaine Starkman
Sandy Stillwell

Roger Straw
K.L. Stuart

​John Feth