Great fun on Friday, August 12th!

Late Breaking Poetry News – Solano County Fair This Weekend!

Wow! An outstanding event, April 26th, 2016 

Tom Stanton, 

Benicia Poet

Laureate 2018-2020

Love Poetry Contest Photos!

Joel  Fallon

We rocked

Rosanna's again

on Sunday, Oct 2!

Joel's Book Launch in May 

was a HOOT!

Dana Gioia, CA Poet Laureate was HERE in April!

Joel Fallon Celebration, Friday, Dec. 16th, 4-8 pm!

August 11, 2016
Dear Friends,
It is so hard for me to write this…

I must bring you the sad news that

Benicia’s first and most beloved

Poet Laureate, Joel Fallon, died this

morning at the age of 85. Joel was a wonderful poet and mentor to many, who gave so much of his wisdom and energy to our community. He will be missed beyond words, and his absence will be greatly felt.

Joel’s family plans to be present at our Poets’ Picnic in the City Park this Sunday, August 14th, 1-4 pm. This was an event that Joel started as first Poet Laureate. Please come and bring your poetry, or bring one of Joel’s poems to read. He would want us to have a good time and celebrate life, and our love of poetry.
A memorial planned by the family will take place in December. I will let you know when the details are in place.
Sincerely, Johanna  
Johanna Ely, Poet Laureate of Benicia, 2016-2018

Scholarship winners, Brian Chou with Poet Laureate Johanna Ely and Jessica Turner

Refer to D.L.Lang's Detailed Listing of Events for this same period –PB will post

Rosanna's on 9/4/2016!

Woo-Hoo! Picnic Photos from Sunday, August 27th!

​​​​Brian Chou and Jessica Turner are 2017 Poetry Scholarship Winners The Joel Fallon Poetry Scholarships for 2017 have been awarded to graduating high school seniors Brian Chou of Benicia High School and Jessica Turner of Liberty High School. Poet Laureate Johanna Ely commented on Jessica’s and Brian’s craft, “Both Brian and Jessica have the gift of being able to take a personal experience, and by writing a poem about it, have it become a universal feeling  that all of us have experienced and can understand. I hope the scholarships enable each of them to further explore the world through the eyes of a poet.” The scholarships, named for Benicia’s first Poet Laureate, are granted each year by the Benicia First Tuesday Poetry Group to one graduating senior from Benicia High School and one from Liberty High School. The awards are based on the students’ accomplishments in poetry and potential for future achievement, as reflected in the application materials they submit, and through a personal interview. The scholarships are intended to encourage young poets and to cultivate an awareness of poetic perspective in our community. Perhaps uniquely among scholarships, there is no requirement that the proceeds be used for college education expenses, since, for poets, all of life is education.  

Photos from November!

Photos from Nov. 24th!

Tom's Announcements – See flyers to right... 

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Previous group anthology available at Bookshop Benicia:

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March 11's Fun, 2018:

"Beat Poets' Reading in Benicia:" 4 pages, send me

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Photos from July 7th!

Our Friend and Poet Joel Fallon:

Rosanna's Photos, March 5th:

Coming in December!

We had Poets & Pirates, July 15th, 2018!

Dateline 2/11/2020

from Peter Bray : Dear Poetry Pals: It's with mixed emotions that I

announce my closure of

Graphic services to Benicia

First Tuesday Poets. It's been

a 13 or 14 year run

depending upon how we

count startup and closure.

This is effective immediately.

I need to focus on self-employment as Benicia's 77-year old Honey Do Handyman and Janice and my plans in the works for a smaller house of 800 sq. ft. on our side lot at Warwick Dr., Benicia and the sale of our original family home of 36 years. We should have downsized years ago, but the health of our two daughters was always an issue. PL7 Tom Stanton can answer any inquiries about new staffing and/or continuity of services. This includes this group website: . I suspect my "Taproot & Aniseweed-The Naked Oyster" will continue on as well as currently limited, occasional services to Johanna Ely's "Inside Out Poetry." Gallup onward all!  It was a Definite Hoot! – Peter Bray

October 9th,

we read the poems

of Joel Fallon!